We have the pleasure to announce that we will exhibit 2 designers in our stores for Brussels Design September.

Parvis de la Trinité, 3 & Rue de l’Amazone, 27

03/09 > 30/09/2021


  •  Hey Jude Design - Design Textile - Julie Denis

 "Hey Jude Design is a textile studio in Brussels working with the artisanal techniques of weaving, knotted stitch, crochet, knotting... The creation process is slow and requires patience and passion for the gesture.

A recurring theme: escape, the poetry of the horizon, the landscape and the nature that invades it. Inspiring places that leave room for spontaneous creation without a predetermined design.

So many forms, colours and textures that create a language of their own that can convey a story to the viewer.

Collections of textile decorations, 100% Made in Belgium, gathering unique self-published pieces.”


  • Namesti - Design mobilier - Rémi Esquelisse

 “NÁMĚSTÍ DESIGN's mission is to create furniture in a high quality, that doesn’t compromise with aesthetics. NÁMĚSTÍ DESIGN is bringing uniqueness to your home, and our design process is a constant play with new sorts of colors and materials to give you that iconic design.

Our tables are made of tiles in a variation of beautiful colors and sizes. They are all handmade in Belgium in our atelier. They have a base of wood and are covered with tiles on top. Each table is built with four wheels, which make them easy to move around.”